Ryan, you’re book Extra Virgin Grace is such a blessing. It’s taken ’till now to start reading it and I’m so glad for Rob’s forward recommending taking it sentence by sentence – great advice! It is really speaking to me and I have a notebook beside me to write down everything God is speaking to me through it! It is such a resource, you deserve so much recognition for this work Ryan, may you continually walk in His blessings and favour!!

Malcolm A.

I just want to share my testimony about how much New Nature’s books have helped me to grasp a better understanding of the gospel of grace as well make it easier for me to share. I have been renewing my mind as I have read your books and some I have read more than once. Everything in them is so practical and makes sense to me. Thank you for writing such wonderful books. Not only has my life been changed by them but my wife and daughters as well!

Michael C.

Hi Ptr. Ryan. I have read the EVG book you’ve shared in youtube. In the book, Holiness was simply defined as who God is (God is holy), that “if you are in Him then you are holy”, this really opened our eyes. Romans 5 to 8 unlocked topic was awesome and set us free, so simple that we often miss when we read it as individual chapter. Thank God for the simplicity of the gospel. More Grace to your ministry.

Changed my life! It has restored my marriage, my Ministry, my relationship with God, and my relationship with my kids and grandkids! There is no aspect of my life that it hasn’t revolutionized. For the sake of writing a book about what has taken place as a result of having my eyes opened, and believe me I could go on forever, I just Praise God for Godly Men like Yourself and Your Father for not backing down in presenting the Gospel around the World!

Paul C.

Since the real Gospel of Christ,the Gospel Of Grace got into my life through the TV broadcast by Joseph Prince abt 6yrs ago in my Living room my Life,moral life,social life,mental life,spiritual life health life, etc has never been the same! Sometimes i wonder how i survived the preaching of mixtures(law n Grace) which is prevalent in my part of the world, cos i struggle to sit under such ministry of death and condemnation! I love to search scriptures now without obligation cause i wore the Finished Work lense of Christ in reading…i have a ministry on my hand now and waiting to be established soon! When you got a News soo Good about Christ you cannot keep shut but to share. Thanks Ryan for “The Clear Message of Grace”.

Michael M D.

After my neck was broken in 2007 my wife Anna and I started writing and teaching grace seminars in the Philippines based on Ray Andrews, Ken Legg, and Joseph Prince teachings. The grace and truth of Jesus have been the motivation to start ministry at age 66 as a Bible teacher. Recently we downloaded Extra Virgin Grace by Ryan Rufus, and are excited that this is a further step on our grace journey, and i love posting excerpts from EVG on my f/b page. We teach in a traditional Pentecostal Bible school, and the younger generation, who are our future, are loving these grace teachings. The older generation are finding it increasingly difficult to ignore grace Asia seems to be where God’s prophecy says the final revival will occur, and it is no coincidence that the grace revolution seems to be spreading fastest in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. I understand New Nature Publications comes from HK near the China mainland where the greatest harvest could be before Jesus returns. Thanks Ryan.

Richard B.

Ryan, I know you will be pleased to know that recently I went to speak at a Local Church in my area. I’d been chatting for some time to the Church leader about the grace message. I gave him a copy of the book, ‘Highway to Grace’ by Steve Wheeler. He came to see me this week. He’s decided he wants to transition his Church from law to grace. We chatted for a while and i gave him a copy of your booklet ‘The Clear Message of Grace’. I had to leave him by himself for 15mins while I visited someone. When I returned he told me he was going to do a series about grace in his Church, using your booklet. He’s made the decision to crossover. I feel this is the beginning of a grace breakout in the area where i live. It’s quite amazing, is it not, the way God can take the printed page and bring change and transformation. So please be greatly encouraged. Your material is affecting many lives. The seed has found good soil.

Peter W.

Thank you for exposing Trinitarian Universalism by rightly dividing the scriptures through Ryan Rufus’s article. It is of the utmost importance that we not only gain, but maintain the truth of the Gospel. God freely gives us the choice to choose Christ’s salvation, but He does not force it on us (which when we realize that makes us love God even more!)

Mark H.

We are a small congregation of 200 in number. But, we are gigantic in His eyes and we are seeing ourselves that way more and more each day. Since we were ambushed by this beautiful gospel, all the bells and whistles and lights have come on! We are equipping our people to believe and share it. We have your book in 40 of our families hands.
God is doing amazing things through this small church of Christ. God is using us to come in and raise dying churches from the dead. A black baptist church whose pastor had quit, it was down to 10 people and ready to close. It is now very alive and up to 40 each week in just 3 months. A church of Christ that used to be 600 and was down to 20 just a month ago. We sent them worship pastors, youth pastors and I am meeting with the new pastor weekly. They had over 60 the past 2 weeks. Their leaders are reading Ryans book. I have given it to about 5 other pastors in town. God is moving here! We are happy!!
I was a pastor for 20 years. Went through a divorce 11 years ago. Got angry at God because I thought He was surely angry at me and started living like I never knew him. In public! In this town I pastor in now!! But, He wooed me back 4 years ago. Then, one year ago the little church i was going to asked me to be there new pastor. I was afraid but said yes.
One week before I was to begin pastoring, someone here in town asked me if I had ever heard of Rob Rufus one morning at Starbucks. I said no. That was it. About 2 weeks later I was about to google something and the Lord brought that name back up to me. So I googled him. Listened to 1 little youtube video and it was all over but the shoutin!! lol I listened to all of them and then found the website. Started listening to the sermons. Told my new elders about it and we have been on an amazing journey over the past 12 months. I have included my notes on grace that I have been preaching from over the past year. I call them, Become…Who You Already Are! Anyway, don’t quit teaching this grace that frees us!!!

Tony W. (USA)

Hello, my name is Jason Schweinberg. I am a pastor in the United Methodist Church in Western Pennsylvania, in the United States.  I have recently bought the book, Living Grace, in kindle.  Thank you for publishing this grace filled book.  I went to Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and was taught this message by my professor Dr. Andrew Purves and I thought I got it.  Well I did not get it. He even told us that we would not get it until we were in ministry and tired and guilt ridden.  5 years later I have got it!  It is like a landslide of rocks comes falling off of your shoulders.  Oh what grace!  It is as you say the pure gospel.  Good News!  I am preparing myself to be bombarded by both liberals and conservatives in the church who will not accept this grace message. I will preach it now until I cannot preach it anymore! Praying for you to always know that you are righteous in Christ and filled with the courage of Christ!  What a loving God we have! Keep proclaiming the good news of God in Jesus Christ! In and through Christ.

Jason S.

Hi Ryan. I am a co-owner of a recycling company, Second Chance Resources, that recycles wood waste and asphalt roofing shingles. We operate large grinders to convert wood and shingles into alternate uses. We provide new life to unwanted and discarded materials but the main focus is to do the same with people. Wherever possible we hire unwanted and discarded people in need of a “second chance” from an employment perspective. Our company was established as a Kingdom company with a desire and a primary goal of helping people who are coming out of addictive lifestyles.
I myself come out of a twenty-five year lifestyle of addiction to drugs, alcohol, and gambling primarily because I was a Pharisee. For most of my life I lived in the bondage of chaos and confusion because of a mixed message. I was introduced to the glorious truth of the gospel of grace four years ago and my life has never been the same since! I just celebrated four years of total and complete freedom from everything that used to control me! So much so that the Lord has used my misery and turned it into my ministry. Every Friday night my wife and I lead a group of 30-35 people who are pursuing freedom from a host of issues ranging from addictions, depression, co-dependency, pornography and the list goes on and on. We call our little ministry Finally Free.
Your ministry has been a tremendous help for me in this endeavor along with Lucas Miles, Cornel Marias, Joseph Prince, Andrew Farley and Andrew Wommack. There is not one “grace” church in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area where we currently live. We are in the very early stages of working with Lucas and his network to try to plant an Oasis church in this area. Keep us in your prayers regarding this matter, we need a lot of wisdom and a hearing heart to hear from the Lord.
I plan to do a book study with our Finally Free group on your book Sanctification by Grace in late March or early April. I can’t wait to expose them to more truth and to shed more light on the subject of sanctification. Thank you for all you do, your ministry and website are impacting people all over the world with wonderful, glorious, liberating, life-giving TRUTH!

Michael M.

Hi Ryan. I just wanted to let you know how blessed I have been by all the New Nature books. I have read them all . Wow !  so full of awesome truths. I especially loved Extra Virgin Grace.I have read heaps of grace books over the last three years and EVG has been one of those that just jumps out at you.About three years ago the Lord revealed His grace to me through Joseph Princes ministry. I had spent 27 yrs in a church that had in the beginning been strong believers in the new creation message but over the years had gone more and more under law. Like the frog in the water I had sat there not really understanding how far back I was going!( or heating up !)Eventually I began to question some of what was being preached ( and you know that is not done LOL ) Praise God when I started to question He answered me and has led me on a steady journey into Grace.I tell people I feel like a greedy kid at a party table with so many goodies that I dont know what to grab first !I have now realised that the party never ends ! My husband Roly and 4 of my 6 adult children have also been impacted by grace.We have not been attending a church for a couple of years as pretty much all the local churches are into mixture. After being in that so long we are enjoying FREEDOM.In my search for Grace ministries the Lord led to Cornel Marais. He came down a couple of times and we were so blessed to learn from him.We have about a dozen regulars who we get together with and share grace .Cornel is leaving NZ soon and when I last spoke to him he said that there was a possibility that you and Rob may be in NZ next year.If you guys do come out we would love for you to be able to come here to Gisborne and do some teaching.We have downloaded alot of yours and Robs ministry and are just loving it.I started at the  2004 downloads  when you guys were setting up CCI. I was just blown away as everything that was being said just witnessed so strongly to my heart.Although we are not at church I know that church is the way to go. As we have had others join us I know that we will eventually be a church.At the moment we are a bit daunted by that idea as we have basically spent all those years in church being “pew sitters”We got a really good (although law based ) teaching from the Word in our previous church so It has been exciting to find the knowledge of the Word we had come to life under Grace.However we do feel we are lacking in a lot of the areas we hear you and Rob talking about so it would be great if you could fit us into your trip here.Hey I could go on here for ages but anyway thanks for taking time to read this.Looking forward to hearing from you Grace and Peace be multiplied to you and your lovely family.

Jenny K.

Hello Brother Ryan, I recently learned of you and your ministry (dad too).  I purchased your one book on Sanctification and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I then purchased your book ‘Extra Virgin Grace’ and truly loved that one.  I have been listening to your sermons online, and again, I enjoyed those too.  I spent nearly 20 years in doubt and misery.  I tried majoring in Bible at Bob Jones University believing I would be set free from my struggles, but I was wrong.  I briefly embraced the pure unadulterated grace message in 1987, but being a teenager without a good grip on God’s word made me easy prey.  I soon after that embraced the 5 points of Calvinism, and held strongly to Lordship Salvation.  I was so blessed when I believed the pure unadulterated message, and became so miserable and full of confusion when I embrace religion.  You think I would have quickly caught on that something was wrong with the belief, but religion made me think it was me. I never heard of the grace revolution until a few years back.  I only trusted certain authors and publishers for years, as that probably explains my ignorance to grace preachers and messages.  I know 10 years ago, I would have been gnashing my teeth at you Ryan, believing you were clueless with the bible simply because you “speak in tongues.”  I had very little respect for those outside the Independent Fundamental Baptist religion.  I truly thought my religion was the only true and faithful religion.  Scares me now to think I was part of a cult.I am not very good with words, or even the English grammar, but I started a new blog sharing the things I honestly believe God has taught me.  These are things I have shared with people who email me looking for help with their doubts.  I would never go back and undo my background because of the people I can now reach.  People in the IFB often will listen to someone that was involved with the IFB.  I have had the joy of seeing a 5-point Calvinist/Lordship Salvation pastor weep before his church denouncing those positions he held.  I have had other fundamental Baptist pastors come to me asking for help, as they have doubts concerning their salvation.  I have seen a young 19-year-old woman that was on anti-depression medicine that within 2 weeks was experiencing joy for the first time ever as she put it.  She came off all of her meds, left her legalistic church, and joined a grace believing community.  I know that such a ministry was probably what you were blessed to grow up with, but it is all new for me thrilling my heart.  It just seemed like yesterday that I was bawling my eyes out wondering where God was.  I just wanted to email you and share a bit about myself.  I wanted to say how much I absolutely love your ministry.  I often listen to a sermon every other day by either you or your dad.    Your only sin is that you are not here in Chicago, but I will forgive you 🙂   I do pray for your ministry that God will keep blessing and using you as He has been.

Dave N.

Brother Ryan – thanks for a very “in season” message and warning that you give in July on the “Organic Church” Movement. I am a pastor here in Finland and along with some other pastors in different cities here we have listened to this message and learned a lot. It is true that there is “nothing new under the sun”. This same “disease” seems to pop up in each generation. True Grace will always strengthen and support local churches!

David S. Pastor, Finland.

Hey Ryan. I thought I’d let u know that we have just listened to ur last sermon on a biblical model of church at our Leaders meeting.Hey Ryan. I thought I’d let u know that we have just listened to ur last sermon on a biblical model of church at our Leaders meeting.Thank you so much for your teaching on this area – it has been so helpful to is at this critical point of our development!I am currently meeting with each local church leader in my town and dispelling some religious spirit accusations toward us so i would appreciate your prayer over us over this time.Your revelation is a real source of blessing to us Ryan – thank you for your diligence to go deep onto God to dig it out!!Heaps of blessings.

Jacqui M.

Grace and peace to you! I have been enthusiastically following you and your dad’s ministry on the internet for the last couple of years or so. In addition to listening to many of the messages, I watch the live Sunday service every week (I’m one of the ‘guests’). What a huge blessing your entire family is! Though I’ve been a believer for many years and am in my 50’s, I’ve never been gripped by any message as I have by the message of New Covenant grace. You, your dad, Joseph Prince, and a bunch of other grace teachers have given me an overwhelming desire to see this message spread far and wide. Not only is it the most foundational message of Scripture, but it is also the very foundation that must undergird every teaching; without it, passages will continue to habitually be lifted out of context and interpreted through Old Covenant lenses. All Scripture must be filtered through the cross so that we do not insult Jesus or the Spirit of grace.

Bev T.